This is service agreement between You and Wincreator.com where we agree all user terms and conditions stated below:

All programs at wincreator.com are free to use for all users (both personal and professional users).

All programs are "as they are" and hold no guarantees for their functions or dysfunctions.

Users will use our programs only for their own purpose and use it on their own responsibility, promise to respect all intellectual properties for all their converted/downloaded materials. If they use our programs for illegal activity, they will hereby confirm that they are doing it consciously and these are not the principles of Wincreator.com and Wincreator.com is not responsible for their actions.

If users are using our programs to spread terror, pornography or other activities what can harm others, then we have a right to report it to the proper authorities.

Wincreator.com doesn't have any  hidden malware or programs, what could harm your systems. We do not collect and share information about our users, except IP-address and used programs activity offered by Wincreator.com, what will be used only statistical and service development purposes by Wincreator.com and will not be shared with third parties.

Wincreator.com will keep the right to add advertisements to our services, programs and website

Wincreator.com can change terms of usage or terminate our services at any time.