Today I want to make out the skills that are worth pumping in Skyrim. I think you read that skills need to be downloaded depending on the chosen race, but this is not entirely true. Yes, races make small allowances for skills and racial talents, but these allowances for the keyword are small. Therefore, we will look at certain factors, namely, who we want to play for. I, to make it clearer, will divide the game into 4 styles: archer, warrior, assassin and magician. Also, through the link you will learn how to upgrade skills to the maximum and what skyrim legendary skills do. Archer: For an archer, it is characteristic that our character must stay at a distance from the enemy and shoot at him (alchemy will be required to create poison to cause more damage), in particular covertly so that the enemy does not notice us, and when the enemy sees us and begins to approach us , we will need to somehow defend ourselves, or to run away from the enemy and continue to shoot from the bow. The archer also needs light armor to make it easier to move around. We are treated with either potions or spells of the school of Restoration. A) Assassin Archer If we choose that when we approach the enemy we will use another weapon instead of a bow, then we need some kind of dagger or sword, with which we will simply finish off the enemy, since the bow will take the bulk of life. In this case, we pump up shooting, stealth, one-handed weapons, light armor and alchemy, you can restore the school, and also when reaching a new level of health. B) Archer Mage If we do not want to carry extra weapons with us, then in this case we will use magic, namely the spells of the School of Destruction: lightning, fire or ice at your discretion. We download shooting, the School of Destruction, the School of Restoration, for secrecy, the school of Illusion, light armor (you can walk in magical robes), health, stealth.
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